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AAGWATT™ is a Chicago born bottled water company that is on a mission to educate, hydrate, and innovate for the betterment of humanity. Our All-American made bottled water brands have your brain, body, and globe in mind. AAGWATT™’s contribution to the beverage industry is simple: We drive a powerful mission to spread wisdom and knowledge through purposefully branded products.

hydrocationweb HYDROCATION® is AAGWATT™’s flagship brand that places key educational concepts on product labels that are designed to help facilitate the student’s mission to obtain their degree.  The HYDROCATION® educational labels are interactive; if you scan the image on the product label you can learn more information about that particular area of study and concept. waterverse (1) WaterVerse™ is AAGWATT™’s exciting and electric brand that has a mission to bring music and the arts to the forefront of consumer consciousness. WaterVerse™ partners with musicians, performers, entertainers and bands in a cross-branding effort to promote one another in a fun, entertaining, and innovative way. The WaterVerse™ brand allows fans to interact with their favorite entertainer through WaterVerse™ product labels.

AAGWATT™’s HYDROCATION® now fuses free learning into every bottle of water.  We are proud to announce that we recently partnered with Sharplet, a leader in online educational learning and our exclusive educational partner!  Click on the Sharplet image to the right to try now!Sharplet is a cloud service that allows users to remember more in less time. It uses the highly effective “spaced repetition” learning method to optimally schedule flashcard review sessions. This method helps users commit whatever it is they want to learn to long-term memory in an extremely efficient manner. Ultimately, this means users spend less time revising what they already know and more time on what they don’t.Are you a student or person seeking to really learn something for now that you can recall forever? Try this AAGWATT™ educational learning experience powered by Sharplet. “Drink, Learn, Repeat™”

Sharplet uses a “spaced repetition” learning method to optimally schedule your flashcard review sessions!

Sharplet uses a “spaced repetition” learning method to optimally schedule your flashcard review sessions!

drink-up Drink Up pic on white house lawnAAGWATT™ renews its support for the Drink Up Initiative by signing on until 2017! Our mission is simple: to encourage Americans to drink more water, more often!  Alongside the Partnership for a Healthier America and other Drink Up Supporters, AAGWATT™ aims to end childhood obesity within one generation! 






AAGWATT™‘s HYDROCATION® brand won an Award in the Bottled Water Category from Beverage World Magazine’s BevStar Awards! Look inside the July 2014, issue of Beverage World to read more details on how HYDROCATION® is revolutionizing the beverage industry!






AAGWATT™ features a Landfill Biodegradable Bottle

AAGWATT™ is a company that strives to do its part to make a positive difference in the world….


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